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Making a House a Home: Handmade Quilts on Beds

handmade quilts on beds

When it comes to making a house a home, handmade quilts in bedrooms are just lovely.  I love how it really becomes the focal point of the room.  I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for my master bedroom and I am finding these photos to be very inspirational.  What do you think?

Image Credit / Quilt Credit:  Better Homes & Gardens, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, 79 Ideas,

Making a House a Home: Handmade Quilts on Couches

handmade quilts on couches

When it comes to the art of making a house a home, isn’t  there something welcoming about handmade quilts on couches?  A handmade quilt in a main living space acts to soften the space; it makes the space more pleasant, relaxed, and warm.  Who doesn’t want their living room couch to feel that way?


Image Credit / Quilt Credit : Houzz Tour, Feed Dog, Creative Chicks, Design Sponge & SplitYarn on Flickr

Wrapped in Love

handmade blanketsExactly one month ago, Jude Harvey Eugene was born at 8:30 in the morning.  The date was 11/11/11, my husband’s 30th birthday.  I would like to mention that the birth was completely natural, not induced like many people assume.  Ever since his arrival, my life has been a combination of euphoria and fatigue –just like the birth.

Jude, like all babies, loves to be held.  And to be completely honest, I love holding this little man.  Multiple times a day he falls asleep in my arms and instead of putting him down, I hold on tightly to the little guy, loving his warm body next to mine and his face so perfectly peaceful.

handmade blanketsJude’s older sister Monet, is adjusting well, although she is jealous at times (which is to be expected).  When she gets sad, she says to me “Mommy, I want to hold you.”  Unfortunately, I sometimes cannot, and she has to wait to be comforted.

handmade blanketsThe other day, both Jude and Monet were unhappy at the same time.  I needed to either nurse Jude immediately, or listen to his screams, which I honestly find impossible.  While I nursed Jude in one arm, I wrapped Monet up in one of her handmade blankets.  I gently put my other arm around her and told her the story of how the quilt was made with love, just for her, when she was a baby.  As we talked about all her handmade blankets, and who each one came from, Monet was honestly comforted and soon she was back to “normal”.

handmade Charley Harper QuiltI love this idea, that the work and love put into a handmade item can be felt long after it has been made.  And with that thought in mind, I finally finished Baby Jude’s quilt this week.

handmade blanketshandmade Charley Harper Quilthandmade quiltWords cannot express how in love I am with these two kiddos of mine.  And yet, more than anything, I want them to always know how loved they are.  Hopefully, after I’m gone, and everyday until then, the handmade items I give will remind my children of our relationship, and how loved they are.

Because people, smiles and laughter, more than anything else, is truly what makes a house a home, I hope you enjoyed this weeks “moment”…


om [one moment] meet upOM is *one moment* and is a meetup designed to notice & relish a moment in everyday life. The meetup idea was created by Linda at her blog, a la mode stuff.  If you’d like to participate in OM, just click the button and you’ll be taken to Linda’s post explaining it all.

Handmade Gifts for our Little June-Bug

county fair birthday invitation Handmade gifts are a part of the family traditions Josh and I are building.  Ever since we have dated, handmade gifts have always been something we have made for each other.  And now that our family has grown, handmade gifts continue to be a theme in our holiday and birthday celebrations.

Monet turns two in about a week, and Josh and I are spending our spare time getting ready for her County Fair themed birthday party, along with finishing up the handmade gifts we have made for her.

This year, for Monet’s birthday, I made her an interactive photo album of her birth.  Since I’m currently pregnant, and the baby’s ultrasound is scheduled for the day before Monet’s birthday, I wanted to take this birthday as an opportunity to talk to her about her birth.  Do you remember the Moda Bake Shop feature I had a few months back, where I wrote a tutorial on how to make a Fabric Photo Album?  Well that’s the book I used for Monet’s gift.  Here are a few pictures of the book:

handmade gifts fabric photo album

The book is filled with photos and memorabilia that Monet can touch and play with.

handmade gifts fabric photo album
handmade gifts fabric photo album

The book also has slots for scrapbook pages and the last page of the book is one big vinyl envelop filled with cards, letters, and other precious items that Monet can pull out and look at.  Each piece tells a story.

handmade gifts fabric photo album

Josh finished making Monet a play kitchen for her bedroom.  Can you believe how cute this is?  Here are a few photos:

Handmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchenHandmade gifts childs play kitchen

Oh, and did I ever show you the bike that Josh made for Monet a while back?  Here are a few photos:

handmade gifts a wood bike for kidshandmade gifts a wood bike for kidsMonet loves this bike, and I can absolutely see why.  I think she senses how special it is, since it was made for her.  Soon we will be able to flip it over, to make it taller, and turn it into a two-wheel bike.

If you also want to make handmade, here are some past handmade gifts we have made that could inspire you:

A Handmade Holiday Fabric Photo Book

Handmade Accordion Fold Book

Handmade Sock Monkey Art

Handmade Charley Harper Quilt

Handmade Gift Tutorials

Making a House a Home: Getting Organized

getting organized around the home

When it comes to the art of making a house a home, getting organized is key.  Whether it be office supplies, money, coupons, ideas, events, or stuff, you need to take things and put them in their places.  Here are a few items that could help you with getting organized around your home:

  1. Patchwork House Little Storage Organizers
  2. Everything In Its Right Place Print
  3. Chalkboard Surface Piggy Bank Organizer
  4. Get Organized Rectangle Vinyl Chalkboard Labels
  5. Coupon Organizer Wallet
  6. Honey Do List Organizer
  7. Up-cycled Vintage Organizer
  8. Perpetual Organizer Calendar


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Making a House a Home: Sewing Tutorials

sewing tutorials

When it comes to the art of making a house a home, I believe it’s important for some of the items in your home to be made by hand –I’m not talking about items just for your home, but items used by loved ones in your home as well.  Here are a few sewing tutorials that I hope inspire you to create something special for your space, and the people you love who live in it:

  1. Pleated Tote Bag Tutorial by U-Handbag
  2. Cathedral Windows Pillow Tutorial by House of a la Mode
  3. Headband Tutorial by JezzePrints
  4. Spider Web Quilt Block Tutorial by House of a la Mode
  5. Diamond Quilt Top Tutorial by Urban Patchwork
  6. Add a Zipper to your Pillow on Sew, Mama, Sew!

Making a House a Home: Book Recomendations

crafting a meaningful home by meg mateo ilasco

Monet and I spend a lot of time at book stores, as it is an outing that both she and I enjoy.  Just the other day I added “Crafting A Meaningful Home” to my collection.  I now have all of Meg’s books.  When it comes to the art of making a house a home, lately I have noticed a lot of great books that support this idea.  Here are a few of my recommendations:

One Year Anniversary

Did you know that it is my blog’s one year anniversary today?

Ahhh, it brings back memories.  Five years ago I had a dream about The Artists’ House.  I was wanting to go back to school to get my MFA in interior architecture and design, and I had this dream about a business that I owned where my husband and I lived in this old, huge, two story home.  And in the dream, we lived on the top floor, and on the main level we ran a design company.  My husband Josh, who is a ceramist, had a studio and gallery in this space.  The gallery was filled with Josh’s work, along with other great artists from around the world.  People came to us from near and far –we remodeled their homes and furnished them with fine art.

This dream is always something my husband and I come back to, something we are working towards, minus or plus a few details.  And everyday that I continue to follow my dream, literally in a sense, I feel like I’m getting closer.

I believe that when things are made with love from a person’s hands, and you fill your space with those things –that’s what makes a house a home. My house is a home not just because of my art, my husband’s art, and daughter’s art, but other artists’ work as well.  That’s what The Artists’ House dream was all about, and that’s the community I’m trying to create here online.

Won’t you join us, and celebrate this small milestone with us?

For the entire month of February, we’re going to be celebrating The Artists’ House one year anniversary with giveaways, favorite past posts, pattern reviews, a quilt-along, sneak-peaks leading up to a new line of quilts that I’m going to launch in March, and, to top it all off, you might even see me doing tutorials on other big name blogs.  Along with that, I’m also opening my doors to sponsorship and affiliate programs for the first time, where I hope to help support awesome creative businesses and entrepreneurs like myself.

Today, why don’t we ease into the celebration –here is my very first blog post.



image credit: My Art 2 Cherish

Making a House a Home: Custom Family Art