Progress at Last, Making Another Applique Quilt – Part 2

I’m happy to say that I made some serious progress on my quilt Sunday night. I was so surprised how fast it went. Josh entertained Monet while watching the end of the Super Bowl and in just two hours I was able to get all the long double strips sewn and ironed. What do you think so far?

From here I’m going to sew on applique birds so it looks like birds are walking off their fabric and onto the other fabrics of the quilt. Here’s a sneak peak…

A Few Good Fortunes

Lately Josh and I have stopped to contemplate if this fortune might come true. Neither of us can seem to suppress our urge to create. What, the kitchen is dirty? Ahh, I’ll get to that later, after I sew; after I finish this project; after I’m done with this blog… and so the list of neglected responsibilities grow, along with our pile of created goods. I cannot lie, after getting this fortune, I felt a glimpse of hope. We probably shouldn’t place all our hopes and dreams on the message of a fortune cookie, especially one from Panda Express (can you believe I’m even admitting that we eat there). But I guess that sometimes we need a little encouragement from the universe. Something to tell us to keep listening to all those ambitions and dreams. Just take a chance, do what you love, and see what happens. Furthermore, I think the reason the first fortune was so easy to believe is because the second fortune we received was undoubtedly true…

Making Another Machine Applique Quilt

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Recently I have had an unexplainable urge to make another quilt, for no one in particular, and yet again I’m finding birds to be an inspiration. Follow the link to see photos of the Charley Harper quilt I made.  I’m finally making progress after a few glitches. I’ve designed a great pattern and all the fabric has been cut out, not once, but twice.
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Why twice you may wonder? Well, I used to think multi-tasking was a strength of mine, but since Monet’s birth I have found that it is most certainly NOT, rather it is a horrible habit that often detours my work about 100 miles of course. So back to the question at hand, why did I cut each piece of fabric out twice? I suppose watching a baby, doing laundry, cooking dinner, answering the phone, all while creating a quilt pattern makes for a situation where mistakes will be made. And sure enough a mistake was made and fixing that mistake required me to cut a 1/2 inch off over half of my rectangular blocks. In hind sight, I suppose I could have kept the 1/2 inch there, but it threw off some other design elements and thus the perfectionist side of my personality kicked in over drive, and I spent the next 3 hours cutting all the blocks again.

Remember to always measure twice, feed the baby, measure again, change the laundry, check your pattern for accuracy, measure once more, answer the phone, and then cut the blocks for your quilt.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Right now, I have the same feelings about blogging that Monet had about waking up. Millions of people do this right? Why can’t we figure out how to make a simple blog then? It seems like our artistic talent is limited to mediums other than Blogger. They say there is a learning curve for everything, but maybe we slid off the road. However, we vow to do our best, and hopefully soon our blog will resemble the artistic masterpiece we see in our minds. Then we can focus on creating art rather than cursing at our computer.